recordings, voice(s)

#110_Vine Land, for solo voice, lo-fi audio recording, 3D images (2022)
#107_De som ropar, for choir (2020). Damkören vid Musikhögskolan i Malmö, dir. Lena Ekman Frisk. Lund Choral Festival, broadcast on 16 Oct 2020 (begins 25:43)
#103_Linda Kurba Leskinaine, for choir (2018)
#101_Sirene Segmenti, for soprano solo and choir (2017). AuditivVokal Dresden, Olaf Katzer, director. 3 excerpts, 2017_09_13. Albertinum, Tzschirnerplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Germany
#97__Lingua-Palatal #2, for 4 voices and amplification (2016/2020)
#95__The Old Folks at Home, for solo voice (2016). Angela Wingerath, SLUB Dresden, 2022-05-28
#88__abaGa baʁatur, for SATB (2014). Performed by AuditivVokal Dresden on June 14, 2016 in the Palais im Großen Garten, Dresden.
#85.b_mélodie Coréen, for voice and piano (2012)
#82__Cataphora – lulus brevicum, for solo voice (2018 REVISION/Urtext 2009)
#81__Desolate Land, for choir (2008)
#80__Keltainen huone, for choir (2008). Performed by 441Hz choir, theatrical. /// Performed by 441Hz choir, concert./// Keltainen huone (Yellow Room) by the UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus
#76__DRAFT 1/25/2002, for solo voice and two female speaking voices (2007). 1m07-2m22. Performed by Kadyrov, Brewer and Eike. /// 4m24-5m44. Performed by Kadyrov, Brewer and Eike. /// 9m52-10m50. Performance by Kadyrov, Brewer and Eike
#68__prāna, for four solo voices and non-stable drone (2002). Students at the Joensuu Conservatory of Music
#62__Anaphora, for solo voice (2001). 13 excerpts, performed by Almut Kühne. /// Almut Kühne gave the Spanish premiere on Sunday, April 25 2010 in the Paranymph Hall of the Rectorate of the University of A Coruña during IC[CM] 2010, excerpts 1 of 3. /// My work as composer (Anaphora), performer and pedagogue of voice was documented in a 2012 film titled “Stimmig” by Lena Giovanazzi and Daniel Büche.  The film is a documentary about the variety of human vocal expression: Yodeling, overtone singing, buccal speech, laughter yoga, the contemporary classical music´s sound repertoire, esophageal speech, beatboxing and animal voice imitation. The singers featured in the film included: Christian Zehnder, Arjopa, Wolfgang Saus, Angela Mecking, Peter Krause, Michael Edward Edgerton, Angela Wingerath, Kehlkopflosenchor León, Uwe Westphal, 4xSample, PerformanceChor für Experimentellen Gesang Berlin. /// In the following podcast, my work with experimental voices is mentioned and bits of my piece Anaphora are heard when soprano Felicita Brusoni is interviewed on the Podcast Artists on the Verge, Sept 2022.
#61__Divergence, for two voices and electronics (2001), 3 excerpts. 0-1m50, recording performed by Angela Rademacher-Wingerath & Magdalena Schrad on 14 june 2005. /// 1m50-3m50. /// 3m50-End. /// Full piece in video with score & music.
#60__Cantor’s Dust, for solo voice and electronics (2001). This recording was performed by Angela Rademacher-Wingerath on 14 June 2005; 1m45-2m12 /// 6m – 6m35
#58__Kalevi Matus, for choir (2000). Partial premiere was given in October 2000 in Rame Küla, Estonia. A second partial premiere was given by the Choir of the HdK (Berlin), Miriam Sohor, conductor at the SchlossPark in Potsdam, Germany in 2001. Mmt1_p1-2 /// Mmt3_3m15-3m32 /// Mmt5-P14-End
#54__Friedrich’s Comma, for two voices (1999) Angela Rademacher and Hanno Koloska at the Universität der Kunste, Berlin on 26 September 2002; Wolfgang Viehweg, tonmeister.
#49__KOSMOS, volume two on reinforced harmonics, for one to four voices (1998)
#48__KOSMOS, volume one on articulation, for one to four voices (1998)
#46__Azure Suite, for soprano and overtone singer (1998) 4m02-end. Performed by Ekmeles, Saturday, October 13th 2012. New York/Netherlands Exchange. Under the auspices of a NYFA/Stichting RIO New York/Netherlands composer exchange.
#45__Taffy Twisters, for voice and percussion (1998) 2m00-4m12. Premiered by Steve Tasko and Kristy Cheadle in Madison, Wisconsin in 1998
#43__Sirens, for choir (1998) The Extended Vocal Techniques Performance Group, at the 1998 state conference of the Wisconsin Alliance of Composers at Carthage College, April 4, 1998. 1m37-2m38 /// 5m54-6m36 /// 6m38-7m46
#41__Lingua-Palatal #1, for two voices (1997) Michael Meadows and Mike Edgerton in Madison, Wisconsin on November 24, 1997. 1m35-End
#36__Mit Unulgn Tri-Ien Psiiii iii, for five voices (1997) Extended Vocal Techniques Performance Group at the Broadway theater in Milwaukee, February 1997. 0-3m00 /// 5m05-6m54
#34__Worcester Fragments, for four to six voices (1996)
#27__Mountain Songs, for solo voice (1995) Mari Brown at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Madison. 0m50 – 2m40
#24__Pedagogy Piece, for six voices (1995)