Recordings, Opera/Music Theater

#33__No!!!, for two voices, rope climbers and drummers (1996) Gail Hoak, Sean Sheldrake & students of the San Jacinto dance and theater program; San Jacinto, California 1996
#21__A Broken Collaboration, for solo actor, 3 voices, electric guitar and cello (1994)
#19__The 15th Century Walled Garden – Apokatastasis, for solo percussion, mosh pit, geodesic dome, car hoods, rocks, metal and other objects (1993)
#18__The Electric Meat Factory, for soprano, chanter, guitar, percussion, wall bass, electronic tape, spatialization in a three-story house played as an instrument (1993)
#17__Fracture Zone: Clipperton et Ragusii, an underwater drama designed to be performed within the Clipperton Transform Fault in the Pacific Ocean (1993)
#16__Fama Fraternitatis, for solo voice, assorted instruments, dancers and tunnelers (1992)
#11__Hour History, an opera for four principal actors, 11 male voices, percussion ensemble (1989) December 4 & 5, 1992 at the Krannert Center in Urbana, Illinois, conductors David Billman and William Brooks. /// audio excerpts
#03__A Penny for the Young Guy, for narrator, voices, winds, brass, strings (1986) Michigan State University New Music Ensemble, in 1986/87