Published Recordings

2015. Keltainen huone on Modern Choral Masterpieces (441 Hz Chamber Choir, Dux Records, 2015)

2012. raven, le corbeau. Escargot ma non troppo, Paris, 2012 (with Frederique Bruyas).

2012. Alles – Auβer – gewöhnlich. Auditivvokal Dresden, Dresden 2012 (incl. Anaphora)

2001. ELECTRONIC VOICES.  Galerie SPHN, Berlin, 2001.

My work as composer, performer and teacher was documented in a film titled STIMMIG

2012. Giovanazzi, Lena (2012). Stimmig – 10 Vokalexkursionen. Magister Arbeit Thesis – Film (M.A. equivalent) Mainz: University of Applied Sciences Mainz. [including my work as composer, performer and teacher]