2015. Keltainen huone on Modern Choral Masterpieces (441 Hz Chamber Choir, Dux Records, 2015)

2012. raven, le corbeau. Escargot ma non troppo, Paris, 2012 (with Frederique Bruyas).

2012. Alles – Auβer – gewöhnlich. Auditivvokal Dresden, Dresden 2012 (incl. Anaphora)

2001. ELECTRONIC VOICES.  Galerie SPHN, Berlin, 2001.

My work as composer, performer and teacher was documented in a film titled STIMMIG

2012. Giovanazzi, Lena (2012). Stimmig – 10 Vokalexkursionen. Magister Arbeit Thesis – Film (M.A. equivalent) Mainz: University of Applied Sciences Mainz. [including my work as composer, performer and teacher]