Mike as vocalist

Sometimes I sing contemporary, extra-normal (experimental, extended techniques) and ethnic music in solo, freely improvised and collaborative contexts.
I have worked with: Matthias Bauer (d.b.), Axel Dörner (tpt), Nicolas d’ Alessandro (electronics), Fung Chern Hwei (violin), Johan van Kreij (electronics), Goh Lee Kwang (electronics), Romain Mercier (sax), Phil Minton (voice), Izumi Oze (pno, vce), Hugues Vincent (cello), Ute Wassermann (vce), Yong Yandsen (sax), Etienne Zemniak (drum).


“Mike Edgerton’s extended-vocal performance is a tour-de-force: it has the mayhem of contemporary improvisers and performance artists, the shapely beauty of polyphonic traditions from Sardinia to Tuva, and the decay of a smoker’s wheeze all at once. His interpretation of the Ursonata is not to be missed.”
Christopher Williams
“(Mike’s) BloodSugarBreath is a rare form of composing and performing. The notions of music composing are challenged by his work. It is a special way of experimental music that will involve body and finest voice skills.”
Márcio Carvalho
My work as composer, performer and pedagogue of voice was documented in a 2012 film titled “Stimmig” by Lena Giovanazzi and Daniel Büche. The film is a documentary about the variety of human vocal expression: Yodeling, overtone singing, buccal speech, laughter yoga, the contemporary classical music´s sound repertoire, esophageal speech, beatboxing and animal voice imitation. The singers featured in the film included: Christian Zehnder, Arjopa, Wolfgang Saus, Angela Mecking, Peter Krause, Michael Edward Edgerton, Angela Wingerath, Kehlkopflosenchor León, Uwe Westphal, 4xSample, PerformanceChor für Experimentellen Gesang Berlin (Rebekka Uhlig).