TITLE: Noise is interrupting my practice: Silence is when my reaction is quiet. Silence is my protest against the way things are.
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): 90 (2014)
INSTRUMENTATION: piano & amplification
NOTE: For Pavlos Antoniadis

This piece is a reflection of what otherwise remains in danger of going unheard,

Here the ear is trained to hear the small noises of the piano that articulate the boundaries of sound

….. similar to language in which the consonants constitute the word boundaries

Like consonants, these small noises of the piano are not all the same,

                but will differ in terms of quality and place

This piece continues a fascination I’ve had with close microphone techniques – such as a microphone inside or right on the oral cavity or a tuba.

Therefore amplification is not simply making normal sounds louder, but delving into the interior of the power, source, articulators and resonator. The lid should be closed and the pianist will play delicately – almost always softly. But the amplification will be significant and thus the soft sounds will be very prominent. This mic placement will be shown below (forthcoming). The input and output settings are included in the score.

The performance of the piece will require as few as five mics, with someone to control the board. Since the activity of the amplification is quite active, I think of this composition as a duet.