Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. New Music Concerts. Toronto, Canada.
Performance. Linda Kurba Leskinaine. Via-Nova-Chor, Prof. Kerstin Behnke, conductor. Night of Avantgarde. Munich, Germany.
Performance. Worchester Fragments. New School of Dresden Vocals. AuditivVokal Dresden, Olaf Katzer, conductor.  Barcelona Modern: Festival of contemporary music and new creation. Museu Picasso Barcelona. C/ Montcada 15-23, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.


Performance. Linda Kurba Leskinaine. Via-Nova-Chor, Prof. Kerstin Behnke, conductor. Munich, Germany.
Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. Soundways festival. St Petersburg, Russia.
Performance. Tempo Mental Rap (Variation one). Mauricio Galeano. 5eme académie internationale d’été de musique contemporaine, Cité de la musique et de la danse de Strasbourg.
Performance. Worchester Fragments. AuditivVokal Dresden, Olaf Katzer, conductor. Musik & Bildende Kunst. Kloster Unserer Lieben Frau. Magdeburg, Germany
Performance. Worchester Fragments. AuditivVokal Dresden, Olaf Katzer, conductor. Liebe 3.0 Wie wollen wir l(i)eben? Deutsches Hygiene-Museum. Lingnerplatz 1, 01069 Dresden, Germany
Performance and Lecture. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst will present my piece THRUSH in lecture and performance. Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Aula Magna (Great Hall), 13:00 to 17:00.
Composition Completed. Linda Kurba Leskinaine, for choir (#103)
Composition Completed. 3. sonata :  Bénard Instability, for solo bass clarinet (#102)
Mention. My work with experimental voice and the German vocalist Angela Rademacher Wingerath is discussed in: Motzkus, Peter (2018). Angela Wingerath und die ›extra-normal voice‹: Resonanz und Entfremdung im Schaffen von Michael Edward Edgerton, in Seiltanz. Beiträge zur Musik der Gegenwart, Ausgabe 16, 04/2018 (ed. Stefan Drees et al.), Berlin 2018.
Publication. Edgerton, M.E. (2018). Finding the Ingredients towards Yummy, Unusual Tastes: Extra-Normal Voice. In The Vocal Teacher’s Cookbook (ed. Brian Winnie). Delray Beach: Meredith Music Publications.
The Voice Teacher’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for Teachers of Singing, compiled and edited by Brian Winnie. ISBN 978-1-57463-476-1.                  
57 experts from across the U.S. working as professors, studio teachers, professional singers, choral directors, composers, vocologists, and speech-language pathologists have all contributed to this amazing collection of quick-to-read, yet deeply insightful strategies. It’s like finding expert trade secrets all placed in one easy source. With outstanding records of performance, workshop clinics, recordings, research, composition, leadership, and teaching, the authors provide their favorite “recipes” that will expand your current knowledge and inspire all levels of voice teachers and singers. 
Invited Speaker. Conference, “Female Voice in the 20th Century”. Institute for Music at the Fondazione Cini; Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore.
Award. 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. Marquis Who’s Who.
Performance. The Return of Takhi, the Last Feral Horse. Loadbang. Beyond: Microtonal Music Festival, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.


Publication. Just found out a description and score excerpt of my 1 Sonata was published in an important scientific book by a leading Professor in network science and complex networks, in July 2016: Network Science, by Albert-László Barabási, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2016
Major Revision of Composition Completed. Beauty and Disappearance of an Unstable Orbit.
Performance. Keltainen huone. Landesjugendchor Saar; Kerstin Behnke, director. Chor.Com Festival; Dortmund, Germany.
Performance. Sirene Segmenti. AuditivVokal Dresden; Olaf Katzer, director. Chor.Com Festival; Dortmund, Germany.
Performance. Sirene Segmenti. AuditivVokal Dresden; Olaf Katzer, director. Albertinum, Tzschirnerplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Germany.
2017_09_9 & 10.
Performance. Sirene Segmenti. AuditivVokal Dresden; Olaf Katzer, director. Third Choir festival „Meißen klingt … nach Demokratie“; Meißen, Germany.
Performance. Keltainen huone. LandesJugendChor Saar; Kerstin Behnke, director. Saarland, Germany.
Performance. Keltainen huone. LandesJugendChor Saar; Kerstin Behnke, director. Düsseldorf, Germany.
Television Broadcast.  VTV4 (Vietnam): Culture Mosaic. Feature report on the new collaboration between The Six Tones and Michael Edgerton with footage from the concert on 2017-07-24 at Manzi, Hanoi
Lecture. On my compositions. Experimental Music Space (No. 27 Lane 189 Giang vo.), 10:30; Hanoi, Vietnam.
Performance – improvisation. Mike with The Six Tones (Nguyễn Thanh Thủy [đàn tranh], Ngô Trà My [đàn bầu], Stefan Östersjö [guitar]. Manzi Art Gallery (14 Phan Huy Ích) 19:30; Hanoi, Vietnam.
Composition Completed. Sirene Segmenti, for soprano solo and choir (#101)
Performance & lecture. Anaphora. Soprano Angela Rademacher-Wingerath will perform and discuss vocal techniques from the composition. Sächsische Landesbibliothek –  Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek in Dresden.
Performance. Imitating the Vivacity of the Human Voice. Hu liu, erhu. China-ASEAN Music Week 2017; Nanning, China. World Premiere.
Performance. ASEAN Voices. C Asean Consonant Ensemble. China-ASEAN Music Week 2017; Nanning, China. World Premiere.
Publication. AbaGa baRatur. Composition will be included within archive of contemporary vocal music as part of the Neue Dresdner Vokalschule (New Dresden Vocal School). Sächsische Landesbibliothek –  Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden (SLUB) Musikabteilung
Composition Completed. Beauty and Disappearance of an Unstable Orbit. Influenced by the paper: Franceschini, V., Tebaldi, C: Breaking and Disappearance of Tori. Commun. Math. Phys. 94, 317-329 (1984)
Inking completed. Intitulata Fontegara.
Composition Completed. ASEAN Voices, for erhu and 10 mixed ASEAN ensemble players (#100)
Performance. Keltainen huone. LandesJugendChor Saar; Kerstin Behnke, director. Festival UPGRADE, Donaueschingen.
Performance. Lingua-Palatal #2. Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble; Arun Chandra, conductor.The Evergreen State College.
Performance. Tempo Mental Rap, Variation 5. Stefan Östersjö, InterArts Center, Malmö (Sweden).
Performance. Lingua-Palatal #2. Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble; Arun Chandra, conductor. Pacific Lutheran University.
Composition Completed. Imitating the Vivacity of the Human Voice, for solo erhu (#99)
Performance. Lingua-Palatal #2. Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble; Arun Chandra, conductor. Lewis & Clark University.
Performance. Lingua-Palatal #2. Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble; Arun Chandra, conductor. School of the Arts (Tacoma).
Performance. Lingua-Palatal #2. Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble; Arun Chandra, conductor. Western Washington University. World Premiere.
Performance. Keltainen huone. Berliner Cappella; Kerstin Behnke, conductor. Musikhochschule Lübeck.


Video. AbaGa baRatur. Included in promotional video, AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN – ZEITGENÜSSLICHE VOKALMUSIK.
Composition completed. Intitulata Fontegara, for flute, violin and piano (#93).
Mention. My work with experimental voice was mentioned in a published article: Nowitz, Alex. Designing and Playing the Strophonion: Extending vocal art performance using a custom digital musical instrument. eContact! 18.3 — Sonic DIY: Repurposing the Creative Self (December 2016). Montréal: Communauté électroacoustique canadienne / Canadian Electroacoustic Community.
Performance. Keltainen huone. Via Nova Choir (Munich); Kerstin Behnke, conductor. St. Markus (Gabelsbergstr. 6, 80333, Munich).
Zatorski, Anthony (2016). Extended Vocal Techniques: Anaphora: An Interprative Analysis. Honours Thesis (B.M.), The Elder Conservatorium of Music. Adelaide: The University of Adelaide.
Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. Pavilion Ikarus, Basel, CH.
Performance. Hawking Radiation. Ensemble Proxima Centauri. Musicacoustica Festival; Central Conservatory, Beijing. World Premiere.
Mention. My work with experimental voice was presented by Olaf Katzer. Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais – School and Conservatory of Music (Brazil).
Composition completed. Hawking Radiation, for solo percussion and electronic playback with dynamic microphone placement (#98 – 2016)
Commission. Commission received for new work on Musicacoustica Festival in Beijing on 2016_10_31 Central Conservatory, Beijing. Invitation by Dr. Benoit Granier (Ph.D, M.A, M.Phil, H.Dip), Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing (China), Senior Professor.
Composition completed. Lingua-palatal #2, for 4 voices and amplification (#97 – 2016)
Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. Jakarta Conservatory of Music, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music, Sangita Vadhana Hall, Bangkok, Thailand.
Performance. THRUSH. Moritz Ernst. NUSPACE, Chengdu, China. World Premiere.
Lecture. Pre-concert lecture in Chengdu preceding the performance of my piece THRUSH.
Publication. Excerpts of live concert recording. AbaGa baʁatur, as performed by AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN, published at:
Service. Appointed as Reviewer for Czech Science Foundation.
Broadcast. Keltainen huone. Broadcast on South Carolina Public Radio on July 5, 2016
Publication. Live concert recording. AbaGa baʁatur, as performed by AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN, published at:
2016_06_15-24. Residency in Canada.
2016_06_21. Performance – Mike as singer & director. Mike directing and performing with St John’s Vocal Exploration Gatherings and VocalX Choir in St Johns (Canada), Chris Tonelli, director. MMAP Gallery in the Arts & Culture Centre, Memorial University.
2016_06_21. Television Interview. NTV (Canada),     [Amanda Mews speaks with a choral composer and vocal researcher (Michael Edward Edgerton) planning a special concert to end his week-long residency].
2016_06_18. Performance – Radio (Mike’s vocal performance featured in radio program collage). Mike’s vocal performance. The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour. Note: The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour is a weekly live, improvised audio collage that links multiple radio stations and sound artists in various locations around the world. New contributors are welcomed and can contribute audio via Skype contact with Mannlicher Carcano or via the CHMR studio phone line (Saturdays, 4-6pm Newfoundland Time Zone). Mannlicher Carcano is an audio collage ensemble originally based in Winnipeg and now distributed throughout the globe. Their work spans multiple decades and much of it is archived at
2016_06_18. Testimonial. Cassondra Cabbage, member of choir: “Last night I experienced the biggest musical game changer /awakening in my life. I haven’t been awaken by sound like this in nearly six years and that was a spectator not as a performer. For so much of my life I’ve made myself small and have played down my abilities, suffered from anxiety and minimised my own efforts – shyness and insecurity will stop you from doing all too much; That’s why efforts like Band Off, Girls Rock NL, the RPM challenge, Not Enough Fest and public forums for woman musicians are so very important: they can help give you your power back and find your voice again. Being a wredio and meeting like minded werdio’s has evoked a such a strong passion and zest for life inside of me I didn’t was there. & last night I was asked to work on my talent in China by one of the world’s leading experts on extranormal vocal techniques at Guangxi Arts University in Nanning, China. My voice needs to be tamed and I must learn to be guided. I have no musical training… l need to work on seeing the shape of music and start seeing it from conductors perspective and understanding sound from a different perspective. I want to finish my diploma, get my TEFL and work towards another radical adventure in my life & hope such transpires. Thank-you Chris Tonelli, Micheal Edgerton & the VocalX choir. You guys have altered me and I have no words.”
2016_06_17. Lecture. MMAP Gallery in the Arts & Culture Centre, Memorial University. SESSION 2.7: The Extranormal Voice and Vocal Improvisation – With Michael Edward Edgerton. Arts and Culture Centre MMAP Gallery (2nd Floor, above MMAP offices Friday, June 17th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Join us for an evening of music and discussion with composer, vocalist, and improviser Michael Edward Edgerton. Edgerton joins us all the way from Guangxi Arts University in Nanning China for an evening of discussion of extended vocal techniques in composed and improvised music. Edgerton is the author of The 21st-century Voice. Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice. He is an award-winning and critically acclaimed composer whose music has been performed all over the world. He is especially known for his work with contemporary voice and desynchronized sound production in composition. Michael is also involved with research on music that often involves the tools of voice science, acoustics and perception that has been published in scholarly journals and books. For more information on his work see:
2016_06_16. Performance – Mike as singer & director. Mike directing and performing with St John’s Vocal Exploration Gatherings and VocalX Choir in St Johns (Canada), Chris Tonelli, director. The Ship Pub.
Performance. AbaGa baʁatur. AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN. Palais im Großen Garten, Dresden, Germany.
Radio Interview. Radio Neverno with Hans Kuiper.
Performance. The LanKe Mountain. New Music Coop’s Combo Ensemble (Turkey). Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall. 2016 China-ASEAN Music Week. World Premiere.
Performance. The Return of Takhi, the last feral horse. Loadbang. Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall. 2016 China-ASEAN Music Week.
Acceptance. Wassermann, for electronic playback was accepted for performance. 2016 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium.
Performance and Lecture. “The Art of Voice Synthesis” conference & expert meeting, workshop & concert (11, 12 & 14 May 2016) in Amsterdam. Organized by Dr. Julia Kursell & Dr. Hannah Bosma. link:
Lecture. “Nonlinear Phenomenon” at the University of Amsterdam, as part of the expert meeting/conference, “The Art of Voice Synthesis”
Performance. The Elements of Risk in Creation, for voice and electronics. Mike Edgerton, voice. Orgelpark in Amsterdam.
Performance. Improvisation: Ute Wassermann (voice), Nicolas d’Alessandro (soprano and tenor HandSketch voice synthesis instruments) and Mike Edgerton (voice).
Performance. The return of Takhi, the last feral horse. Loadbang. The National Opera Center (NYC). World Premiere.
Award. THRUSH. 1st Excellent Award. Guangxi University of the Arts Composition Competition. 2016 fifth China-ASEAN Music Week musical composition competition, for solo piano.
Composition completed. The Old Folks at Home (2016 – #95).
Publication. Keltainen huone (version B. #80.b. 2008, rev 2016). Componistenwerk –
Recipient Major Grants (2nd party support). Via Loadbang, The Guangxi Arts University & the 2016 China-ASEAN Music Week received support from by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Mention. 2 Sonata. 2 Sonata was discussed by James Erber at the Royal College of Music in London. “I sense very strongly that you are taking flute music (and thus the art of music as a whole) in a new direction, which I find admirable. There are so many new or newish pieces for flute which have what I can only describe as aeolian sound/tongue ram overload. Your piece completely sidesteps this and plunges the listener into a new world of sound. I look forward to the time when I can hear a complete performance.”
Recipient Major Grants (2nd party support). Via Chris Tonelli & the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation at Memorial University, Edgerton received funding (travel, stipend, per diem) for a week-long residency to train a choir and give concerts from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Performance. One minute excerpt, as part of the Meta-composition “125 PARTY PIECES” in celebration of John Cage (125 composers from Germany & the USA). Leipzig. Organized by The Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [Thomas Christoph Heyde, artistic director]
Review. Christie Finn: The 21st-Century Voice: Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice (2nd edition) by Michael Edward Edgerton. Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. $54.00. Article in Tempo 70(275):111-113 (January 2016)
Performance. Concerto for Orchestra. Guangxi Symphony Orchestra; Cai Yang, conductor. Guangxi National Palace Concert Hall. World Premiere.


Composition completed. Concerto for Orchestra (2015, #94).
Performance. Keltainen huone. Choir of Southwestern University; Cao Kun, conductor. Guangxi National Palace of Fine Arts in Nanning, China.
Performance. Divergence. Argenta Walther & Stephanie Aston. Pasadena, California.
People Inside Electronics presented the contemporary vocal chamber ensemble Accordant Commons in a concert at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena (Review on Sequenza21: Divergence by Michael Edwards Edgerton followed and this was performed by Stephanie Aston and Argenta Walther. High, bird-like sounds mingled with a low rumbling from the electronics and this soon took on a more frighteningly aggressive character reminiscent of the distant howling of wolves. This increased in savagery as well as loudness, with scratching and baying that gradually morphed into a series of pure pitches that increased in frequency – like a spaceship taking off. These were the result of a weather simulation applied to electronic sounds, a process that allows, according to the program notes, “miniscule irregularities in the initial conditions [to] become responsible for potentially large changes over time.” Low, raspy moaning was added and this made a nice organic contrast with the sterile sine waves. Towards the end, the relatively benign tones in the electronics became a series of explosions, as if some battle was occurring. Divergence is an evocative metamorphosis in sound between earthly, natural elements and remote cerebral coolness.
Publication. Keltainen huone. Modern Choral Masterpieces (441 Hz Chamber Choir, Dux Records, 2015)
Publication. Biographical Inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who in the World® 2016 (33rd Edition)!
Publication. Music within the Continuum. Lambert Academic Publishing (72 pp.). Saarbrücken: Germany, 2015.
Service. Judge at 5th Annual International Youth Music Competition at the Guangxi Normal University (Changgang campus) 广西师范学院(长堽校区)音乐舞蹈学院
2015-06-17 to 27.
Participation. International Gugak Workshop in Seoul.
Performance. In silence,  I hide my loudest scream. China-Asean Youth Orchestra, conducted by Michael Edward Edgerton. Guangxi National Palace concert hall.
Composition completed. In Silence, I hide my loudest scream, for 9 instruments (a.fl.,, tpt., tbn.,perc., vl. 1 & 2, vla., vlc) (2015 – #92).
Broadcast. Prana. A Listening Room (A web-based program).
Publication. The 21st Century Voice, 2nd edition. Rowman & Littlefield (324 pp.). Lanham: MD, 2015.


Composition completed. Noise is interrupting my practice: Silence is when my reaction is quiet. Silence is my protest against the way things are, for piano and amplification (2014 – #90). Written for Pavlos Antoniadis.
Performance. Ari(rang). Joshua Hyde. University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur).
Mention. Schreistimme. Modern Accordion Perspectives #2. Edited by Claudio Jacomucci. Scientific committee: Iñaki Alberdi, Pascal Contet, Geir Draugsvoll, Claudio Jacomucci. ISBN: 978-88-87651-54-6. ⓒ 2014 Edizioni Tecnostampa, Loreto.
Performance. KOSMOS, volume 2 on reinforced harmonics, 4. YO-YO. Merle Noir. Toccata Studio (Kuala Lumpur).
Performance. Keltainen huone. Merle Noir; Mike Edgerton, director. Toccata Studio (Kuala Lumpur).
Performance. KOSMOS, volume 2 on reinforced harmonics, 4. YO-YO. Merle Noir. Toccata Studio (Kuala Lumpur).
Performance. Keltainen huone. Merle Noir; Mike Edgerton, director. Toccata Studio (Kuala Lumpur).
Mention. Who’s Who in the World 2015 (Marquis Who’s Who LLC)
Publication. Edgerton, M.E., Hashim, N., Auhagen, W. (2014) A Case Study of Scaling Multiple Parameters by the Violin. Musicae Scientiae, Vol. 18(4) 473–496.
Publication. Recordings for The 21st Century Voice published online in advance of the book’s release @:
Mention. Tempo Mental Rap, discussed in book: Josel, Seth and Ming Tsao. The Techniques of Guitar Playing. Bärenreiter Verlag. Kassel: Germany,
Composition Completed. The Return of Takhi, the last Feral Horse, for B Cl, Trpt, Trbn, Vce (2014 – #89).
Performance. 1 Sonata. Video recording of 1 Sonata (performed by Moritz Ernst) played during the conference: Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks — 5th Leonardo Satellite Symposium at NetSci2014. University of California-Berkeley.
Publication. Edgerton, M.E. (2014). The Extra-Normal Voice: EVT in Singing. In Perspectives on Teaching Singing: a celebration of Vocal Pedagogy in the 21 Century (ed. Scott Harrison and Jessica O’Bryan), Dordrecht: Springer Publishing.
Publication. Edgerton, M.E. (2014). The Extra-Normal Voice. In The Oxford Handbook of Singing (ed. John Nix). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Composition completed. AbaGa baʁatur, for SATB (2014 – #88). Written for AuditivVokal Dresden.
Guest Lecture. Two seminars and Composition lessons. Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
Performance. 1 Sonata. Moritz Ernst. Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
Performance. 1 Sonata. Moritz Ernst. The University of Malaya.


Conference Presentation. University of Malaya. Presentation at ISEE_2nd International Symposium on Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology.
Performance. Party Pieces Project. Ensemble: Either/Or; Richard Carrick, conductor. Miller Theatre (NYC). World Premiere.
Performance/Exhibition. Anaphora. FAS|PR|2013 (Puerto Rican sound art fair) – Sala de las Artes, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, PR.
Publication. BabelScores® Reading Panel 2013 – 20 Compositions selected for inclusion in catalogue.
Performance. Ari(rang). Matt Hinchcliffe. The Modern Day Saxophone @ The University of Melbourne
Publication. Composition excerpt published. Edgerton, M.E. (2013). Party Pieces Project, excerpt #74. In Book for No-Thing (ed. TC Heyde and Sebastian Vaske). Leipzig: Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig.
2013_08_22 to 2013_09_15.
Composition excerpt in exhibition. Party Pieces Project. Exhibition of the music scores in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig; GfZK | Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig.
Publication. Edgerton, M.E. (2013). The Oak of Mambre #79 for double bass (text and score). Revista Música Hodie, Goiânia – V.13:1, pp. 341-349.
Performance. Keltainen huone. Merle Noir; Mike Edgerton, director. SEGi College (Kuala Lumpur).
Performance. Keltainen huone. Merle Noir; Mike Edgerton, director. University of Malaya Showcase.
Performance. Edgerton improvised voice was featured in “Green Snake and the Monk” by Yii Kah Hoe. KLPAC.
Performance. Keltainen huone. Merle Noir; Mike Edgerton, director. CoffeKoffea in Kuala Lumpur.
Mention. 1 Sonata. Discussed in: Barabasi, Laszlo. Network Science. Published as Creative Commons at:
Mention. Tempo Mental Rap. Included in: Pocci, Vincenzo (2013). Pocci Catalog: the Guide to the Guitarist’s Modern and Contemporary Repertoire. Catalog of the repertoire since 1900 for guitar solo, guitar in chamber music and guitar with orchestra. VP Music Media.
Composition Completed. The Party Pieces Project, Excerpt Number 74, part of the CAGE 100 Celebration|Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig.
Publication. Edgerton, M.E., Tan, S., Evans, G., Jang, M. H., Kim, B. K., Loo, F. Y., Pan, K. C., Hashim, N., Amin, J. (2013). Pitch profile of the Glottal Whistle. Malaysian Journal of Science, 32:1.


Performance. 2 Sonata. Mats Moeller. University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur).
Presentation. Invitation. Seminar on my music to composition students at UiTM from 14 to 16.
Performance. Tempo Mental Rap. Stefan Östersjö. University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur).
Performance. Azure Suite. Ekmeles. Issue Project Room in Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral (Brooklyn).
Publication. Quotation in “Festschrift 5 Jahre AuditivVokal Dresden” published by Verein KunstAuditiv Dresden e.V.
Film. My work as composer, singer and teacher was included in: Stimmig: 10 Vocal Excursions by Lena Giovanazzi. University of Applied Sciences Mainz.
Publication. Unspoken Crime. Uetz Verlag (Germany)
CD Publication. The Raven, Le Corbeau. Frederique Bruyas & Mike Edgerton.
Performance. Edgerton vocal improvisation, during Max Riefer concert with 4 perc, 1 theremin, 1 noise box, fl, chines guitar. University of Malaya.
Service. Consultant for Max Riefer performance in Malaysia.
Composition Completed. 2 sonata, for alto flute (transposed and inked)
Consultant. The music of Haruyuki Suzuki. producer : Koji Kawasaki(engine music); mastering engineer: Ryoji Noumi; designer: Akira Sasaki; photographer: Tetsu Hiraga; translator: Rika Yamauchi; 2012 engine books / engine music ENG-CD001.
Performance. Unspoken Crime. Konzerthaus am Gendarmmarkt in Berlin
CD Publication. Anaphora excerpt on: ALLES – AUΒER – GEWÖHNLICH. Auditivvokal Dresden, Dresden.
Review. Anaphora. Klempnow, Von Bernd (2012). „Orgasmus für Sopran solo“ Sächsische Zeitung, 2012 Februar 20.