I often give workshops, seminars and lessons involving voice (extra-normal), music composition, psychoacoustics/music theory, creativity for community groups

Most often I give workshops on the extra-normal voice, which  draw on my experiences as a composer, performer and researcher of voice. Always I work from the concept of healthy production and the expressive potential of voice.
March 16, 2011 @ Karl von Maria Weber Hochschule in Dresden
The workshops are designed to offer participants an introduction and experience to systematically train and develop one’s ability to produce ‘extra-normal voice’ that encompass western and non-western traditions. The seminars are structured around the acoustic and physiologic makeup of the voice.
March 16, 2011 @ Karl von Maria Weber Hochschule in Dresden
Sometimes, when appropriate, I present how research involving extra-normal, complex and multiphonic voice signals are placed within the framework of nonlinear dynamics that may be integrated by performers (or composers), in order to produce and hear two separate sound sources. Included in this is the idea of scaling each parameter space involved in the structure of the extra-normal voice.
announcement for workshop at Hochschule für Musik Dresden
As background, I give evidence that nonlinear phenomena are extensively and intentionally used by performers associated with contemporary music.
Here’s an example of a 2 day workshop
March 13, 2011 day long workshop @ Quiet Cue space (Staalplaat Records) in Berlin