[EDGERTON CV as .pdf – edgerton CV (2016-08)]


2016: Lecture during “The Art of Voice Synthesis” conference & expert meeting, workshop & concert (11, 12 & 14 May 2016) in Amsterdam. Organized by Dr. Julia Kursell & Dr. Hannah Bosma.
2016: Lectures and workshops at Memorial University (St. John’s, Canada). Edgerton received funding (travel, stipend, per diem) for a week-long residency to train a choir and give concerts from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
2014: 1 Sonata (video recording by Moritz Ernst) played during Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks — 5th Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2014, taking place in Berkeley at the Clark Kerr Campus of the University of California,  on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.
2014: Shanghai Conservatory of Music: Presented compositions & research; gave composition lessons
2013: University of Malaya: Presentation at ISEE_2nd International Symposium on Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology, November 27
2013: Miller Theater in NYC – Exhibition of the scores in the Party Pieces Project on 17th of October 2013; http://www.cage100.com/english/projects/exhibition/infoseite/
2013: FAS|PR|2013 (Puerto Rican sound art fair, October 3-26, 2013) – Composition (Anaphora) selected for performance/exhibition (INTERNATIONAL) Sala de las Artes, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, PR.
2013: GfZK | Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig – Exhibition of music score in Art Gallery – Party Pieces Project – Exhibition of the scores in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, from 22 August to 15 September 2013
2013: SEGI College (Kuala Lumpur): Directed performance and participated in discussion, June 14
2012: UiTM (Kuala Lumpur): Presented seminar to composition students, November 5
2011: KreativAgentur (Berlin): Presented at Pecha Kucha – 20 Frames x 20 Seconds, November 11
2011: SEGi College (Kuala Lumpur). Lectured on my music, July 5th
2011: Universiti Putri Malaysia: Presented at International Conference on Music Research 2011’Music and Memory’
2011: KreativAgentur (Berlin): Gave workshop on the extra-normal voice, August 17
2011: Karl v Maria Weber Hochschule (Dresden): Presented two lectures – Extra-normal voice &musical tension, March 16
2011: Quiet Cue (at Staalplaat Records, Berlin): Gave workshop on modern vocal technique, March
2010: Freie Universität (Berlin) in Languages of Emotion – Voice, Mimesis, and Emotion: Presented lecture on Musical Tension in Nonharmonic Sonorities, December
2010: Maisons Daura (Saint Cirq Lapopie): Gave lecture on composition and performance, August
2010: Elektroakustische Musik hören, Technische Uni (Berlin): Lectured on Electronic Voices, April
2010: Hotel25 (Berlin): Gave weekly Seminars on the creative use of the extra-normal voice, spring
2009: Koskullskulle Kören (Sweden): Led seminars focused on contemporary voice, September
2009: The University of Oulu (Finland): Presented seminar focused on the extra-normal voice, April
2008: Alajärvi Folk High School: Delivered three presentations: 1st Edgerton compositions; 2nd overview of contemporary music; 3rd the extra-normal voice, October – November
2008: Music Institute in Alajärvi (Finland): Directed a community group, October – November
2008: The conservatory of Music in Lugano: Presented activities with practice-led research, February
2007: York University: Presented my compositions and research, October
2007: Conservatory of Music in Malmö: Presented my compositions and research, September
2006: The University of Abertay: Lectured on composition, November
2006: Music for the Third Ear – April in Santa Cruz, Festival: Lectured on my compositions
2006: John Donald Robb Composers Symposium, U of New Mexico (2006 SCI): Lectured on my compositions and research, April
2006: California Institute of the Arts: Gave three Presentations, April
2005: Borderl-ne, New Music Festival Malmö, at the Malmö Academy of Music: Gave presentation
2005: Baldreit Stipendium: Gave presentation on my compositions
2003: Luleå University, School of Music (Piteå, Sweden): Presented two lectures: ‘Controlled use of nonlinear phenomena and scaled multidimensional phase space in contemporary music’ & ‘Extra-normal voice production’
2003: Conservatorio Superior de Música – Joaquín Rodrigo (Valencia) – Conference I Curso de Teoria y Composicion Musical: Presented on multidimensional networks, acoustics, perception
2002: 3rd Biennial International Conference on Voice Physiology and Bioacoustics (ICVPB in Denver): Presented “Controlled Use of Nonlinear Phenomena in Contemporary Vocal Music”
2002: Trans_Media Academy – Real-Time & Presence: Presented creative and research activities
2001: 4th International Conference-Generative Art (Milan): Presented “The Influence of Nonlinear Dynamics and the Scaling of Multidimensional Parameter Spaces in Instrumental, Vocal and Electronic Composition” and Rebekka Uhlig performed Anaphora
2001: Technischen Universität (Berlin): Presented electronic/computer interfaces with voice
2000: Music Academy (Tallinn, Estonia): Lectured on art & science and voice
2000: University of North London, One Culture conference: Gave presentation on palatal mapping
2000: York University: Presented seminars on my compositions and research
2000: College Art Association, National Conference (NYC): Served as Panelist on Impact of the Arts on Sciences, and presented collaboration with scientist Steven Tasko
1999: Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), University of California – San Diego: Presented lecture on the use of voice research on musical composition
1999: EAA/ASA/DAGA Joint Conference: Gave poster presentation on overtone singing
1998: National Center for Voice and Speech Conference: Presented talk on (imitated-Tibetan) chant
1998: International Phonosurgery Conference, appointed as Guest Faculty: Presented research on extended voice and a poster on overtone singing; co-hosted workshops on overtone singing with Rollin Rachele
1998: Northwestern University: Led colloquium on extended vocal techniques
1997: CSU-Stanislaus, Constructions of the Human Conference: Presented talk on Corporeality of the Embodied Voice
1996: Mount San Jacinto College: Presented two-day seminar on contemporary voice
1996: University of Redlands, Composers Forum: Gave presentation of composition and research
1995: Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea): Lectured on contemporary music and voice
1994: Indiana University, Latin American Music Center – the 1st Inter-American Composition Workshop Words and Music Conference: Gave workshops on contemporary voice & presented music theater work, A Broken Collaboration
1994: Southold Dance Theater: Gave lecture on my work and performance