recordings, chamber ensemble

#108_entrelacé, for four vibraphonists on one vibraphone (2021)
#106_Der Rufer (2020). Bremer Schlagzeugensemble (Hsin Lee, Kagan Soylerkaya, Shi Yi, Olaf Tzschoppe) Mitschnitt vom 10. Oktober 2021, Werkraum Göttingen.
#104_loga, a nonlinear scale of time, for trumpet and trombone (2019)
#100_ASEAN Voices (2017). 2017 China-ASEAN Music Week at the Guangxi University of the Arts on May 27, 2017. The conductor was Knote KnocKnote with the erhu soloist Hu Liu (YouTube).
#96__Beauty and Disappearance of an Unstable Orbit (2017). Mostly midi audio (soundcloud)./// Mostly midi audio with score (YouTube).
#93__Intitulata Fontegara, for trio instruments (fl.,  vl. & pno) (2016)
#92__In Silence, I hide my loudest scream, for 9 instruments (a.fl.,, tpt., tbn.,perc., vl. 1 & 2, vla., vlc) (2015)
#90__Noise is interrupting my practice: Silence is when my reaction is quiet. Silence is my protest against the way things are, for piano and amplification (2014)
#89__The Return of Takhi, the last Feral Horse (2014). June 8, 2016 by Loadbang during the 2016 China-ASEAN Music Week at the Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall, in Nanning, China (soundcloud).///Loadbang audio and score (Youtube).
#78__Balkan Dances (2008) (Sibelius playback)
#77__A Marriage of Shadows (2008). Ensemble Ars Nova (Terje Thiwång, Jörgen Pettersson, Stefan Östersjö, Jonas Larsson) & Angela Rademacher-Wingerath @ AVFest08 in Middlesbrough, UK_March 3, 2008 (soundcloud). /// AVFest excerpts (YouTube). /// Score & audio, 4 excerpts (YouTube).
#74__illusions, for, cl, bn, tpt, tbn, vla, vlc (2006/2019)
#73__adjusting to beams falling, for flute and violoncello
#67__Kut, A. for voice, sheng (or accordion/oboe), violin; B. for voice and electronics (2002). Excerpt 1m07-4m30, performed by Rebekka Uhlig. /// Excerpt 5m22-end, performed by Rebekka Uhlig
#66__Sangītaśiromani (2002). Excerpt by Stefanie Heilmann, who recorded all parts at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
#64__String Quartet #1 (2002). First movement 11m30 to end by Kairos Quartet (Germany). Premiere was on 4 April 2004, 18. Tage für Neue Musik Rottenburg (am Neckar) A Quattro! – Festival für Streichquartett Kulturverein Zehntscheuer E.V. Rottenburg am Neckar.
#63__Koli, for string quartet and bass voice (2001)
#57__Samsara, for twenty strings (2000)
#56__le Critérion, for woodwind quartet (fl, ob, cl, bsn) (2000/2008)
#52__Pakji Studies, for wind, brass and percussion (1999)
#51__Twelve Miniatures, for wind, brass and piano (1999)
#50__Pakji, for wind ensemble (1999)
#44__Agwara-Nanga-Wolof (1998). Western Illinois University New Music Ensemble on March 9, 1998 during Western Illinois University Annual New Music Festival ’98, in Brown Hall; directed by Dr. Richard Cheadle. Excerpts: 2m03-3m53 /// 9m46-12m26 /// 13m29-15m04 /// 16m03-End
#40__24 October 1667 (1997). Michael Meadows in Madison, WI on 1997_11_24. Excerpts: 1m04-3m13 /// 4m07-6m26
#39__A Holy Person Falls into the Nile as a Pelican (1997). Performed by Matthias Badczong & Aki Yamauchi, Butterfahrt 2011, 22 June 2011, 8:30 p.m. at Kulturzentrum naTo in Leipzig. Excerpts: 0-2m05 /// 3m55 – 5m55 /// 6m35 to end
#38__Circles et Articulation (1997). Laura Halfield and Bo-Kyung Kim in Madison, Wisconsin on 1997_11_24.
#37__l’histoire du petit Heure, for percussion ensemble (1997)
#31__On Music, for flute and viola (1996)
#28__Lincoln Shrine (1995). Reading by Kristy Cheadle and János Négyesy at the University of California-San Diego, 2m09-4m36 /// 6m50-10m40
#23__XHAIN (1995/2008). Sibelius playback.
#22__Regret of a Noiseless Sundering (1995). Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, 2005_04_28 in Malmö, Sweden.
#15__Net/Byrinth: Rec. Study 1 (1991). Reading by The Friends and Enemies of New Music.
#14__Michelle 8091-434 (1991). The University of Illinois New Music Ensemble, David Billman (conductor), 3m15-4m45 /// 5m44-7m45 /// 11m27 – End.
#13__Whose Land? (1990). Mango Zowies at the Urbana Civic Center in 1990, 7m00-10m00 /// 12m15-End
#12__The Hidden Thunder of Screaming Souls (1989). Patty Repar, voice and Claudia Watson, viola; April 1, 1990; Channing-Murray Foundation in Champaign, Illinois
#09__Unspoken Crime (1988). Claudia Watson, violin; Sarah Weisman, violoncello; Drew Krause, piano; November 1988 ; Urbana, Illinois
#08__Expansions 1a (1988). University of Illinois, 1988.
#06__Current: The Eternal Mystery (1987). Michigan State University Percussion Ensemble, 1986.
#05__Ai (1987). Premiered by Phil Sinder (tuba), Curtis Olsen (trombone) and Kim Walker (trumpet) at Michigan State University in 1987.
#03__A Penny for the Young Guy (1986). Michigan State University New Music Ensemble, in 1986/87
#02__Dwellers of the Southwest, for tenor and mixed ensemble (1986)