TITLE: Folk Songsworkers songs
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #85 (2010/2013)
INSTRUMENTATION: solo voices, chamber choir and chamber ensemble (flute, saxophone, percussion, guitar, berimbau)
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Centre d’Art Contemporain, Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc, France on November 25, 2010


Broadly similar to the Folk Songs by Luciano Berio, in which folk songs are accompanied by instruments using delicate and beautiful accompaniments. In my folk songs, the texts have to do with workers songs and the life surrounding them. Compared to the Berio, in these songs the instruments and voices use more contemporary musical languages, expressions and techniques.

The songs:
Arirang (Korea)
Freiheit (not the nationalist ones) (Germany)
Hey Zhankoye (Yiddish)
Hoea Ra (Maori)
le temps des cerises (France)
Van Dieman’s Land (Australia)
Vem kan segla förutan vind? (Sweden)