TITLE: Wassermannwandaufkleber-sternzeichen-wassermann-a
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #53 (1999)
INSTRUMENTATION: for electronic playback
PUBLICATION: published recording on ELECTRONIC VOICES, Galerie SPHN
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: 20 November 1999, Southwestern College
NOTE: Wassermann presents extensive morphing of source materials. Most prominent are the extended voice samples that are stretched and distorted often beyond recognition.

Henry Miller in Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch provides a description of transformation that was similar to the spirit of Wassermann “Every creature, every object, every place has its own ambience which is unique. But worlds, objects, creatures, places, all have this in common: they are ever in a state of transmutation. The supreme delight of dream lies in this transformative power. When the personality liquefies, so to speak, as it does so deliciously in a dream, and the very nature of one’s being is alchemized … he who awakens from his dream knows beyond all doubt that the imperishable soul which he calls his own is but a vehicle of this eternal element of change”.

In Wassermann a program designed to achieve a goal efficiently, efficiently evokes a response – in other words, with predictable results.   A bit grumpy because of the southern California pop culture, the water-man enticed a program to become inefficient and messy in order to drown its beauty. Constructively, Wassermann presents a constellation of correspondences between a source and its output.  This galaxy consists of planets which maintain a variety of associations with an original to those which retain no perceptible link.

The voice is of Ute Wassermann.

The work was realized at Southwestern University in San Diego.