TITLE: Sirensimg_0976
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #43 (1998)
INSTRUMENTATION: from four to forty voices
PUBLICATION: C.P. Press Publications
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: The Extended Vocal Techniques Performance Group, at the 1998 state conference of the Wisconsin Alliance of Composers at Carthage College, April 4, 1998.
ACCOLADE: Selected as Best Composition at Wisconsin Alliance of Composers Conference, 1998
NOTE: Sirens (1998) is a tour-de-force of a new vocal style. A real crowd pleaser, this piece calls a pub from Joyce’s Sirens the home for Ben Dollard, Stephen Dedaelus, Tom Kernan and Father (Bob) Cowley.

HerbertJamesDraper-Ulysses-and-the-Sirens-1909_cropSirens in 1998 is a rewriting of Joyce, a retelling of Homer and the sounds of the dawn of civilization.
A weeping sigh, a crying sing, a curse of lust and propriety knows no bard from his platform of stone like the blind, penniless beggar.
This landscape between logic, inhabited by annoying creatures are buffoons. Our fears do not look kindly upon them,


A crime of reason and passion, d’aouuuu mission is de’ mud, d’aouuuu mission to nuture/growt’hh, not combat and defeat (unless the mud stays on de’ feet).

to the Prince of Greens.