TITLE: A Marriage of Shadowsmarriage title page
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): 77 (2008)
INSTRUMENTATION: flute (+ alto), alto sax (+ tenor), percussion, guitar, voice

PREMIERE BY: ensemble Ars Nova (Terje Thiwång, Jörgen Pettersson, Stefan Östersjö, Jonas Larsson) & Angela Rademacher-Wingerath @ AVFest08 in Middlesbrough, UK_March 3, 2008



NOTE: A Marriage of Shadows is a modern classical composition for voice, flute, saxophone, guitar and percussion focusing on unusual and new sounds within complex structures. This piece was commissioned by Dr. Jim TerKeurst, then director of The Institute for Digital Innovation at the University of Teesside, for a premiere on the AVFest08. Jim’s idea was that the piece responds to the general notion of innovation.
In A Marriage of Shadows, three concepts regarding the visual perception of shadows influenced me: a) ordinary shadows, b) spaces with an aura or veil giving off no light and allowing little to pass through, c) airless planet with no air molecules to refract light are apt metaphors for not only the kaleidoscopic variation related to repetition of theme, but also to the procedure involved in the systematic desynchronization of prominent elements. Particularly when comparing the relationship between an ord complex tone and an extra-normal tone.

Complexity to Networks
This piece is formally influenced by the study of networks – in this case, the roadmap of Middlesbrough, England and the surrounding area. Part of the process involved mapping the routes between one central location in Middlesbrough and five other places in the surrounding Tees Valley. These were then placed under a series of ellipses with nodal points generating data to determine pitch, rhythm and gesture. In addition, the following real-world conditions affecting traffic flow were considered: congestion, speed limits, purpose of travel, distance and density of flow. This piece reflects my interest and research into dynamical systems.

Other Factors
Some other elements that were integrated into this piece include: the Logistic Equation, expansion of Spectral Harmonies, pretonal rhythmic complexity and global issues surrounding bioacoustic, dynamical systems.