TITLE: Concerto for Orchestraedgerton_concerto for orchestra_2016-02-23_title
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): 94 (2015)
PAGE: 104
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Guangxi Symphony Orchestra; Cai Yang, conductor. Guangxi National Palace Concert Hall.

NOTE: Dedicated to and written for Professor Cai Yang, conductor of the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra 


This concerto features every instrumental part as soloist in this first movement.

a major part of this composition features scaling the 3rd dimensional continuum between random, chaotic noise and pure tone.

A mapping of all soli over time was developed. This mapping identified the relative weighting of noise versus pitch within a single instrument, so that each solo part encompassed one ratio for the entirety of its solo. For example, the bassoon solo section featured a ratio of 60/40 (noise/pitch), which was applied to the sound production methods used by the performer.  In total, the soli began with noise, progressed to pitch, then back to noise.

On the other hand, the ensemble accompaniment began with pitch, moved to noise then progressed back to pitch.

However, most sound production, whether pitch, noise or some combination of the pair featured primarily non-normal sound production techniques.

special addition to the percussion section – metal rasp and thick metal bar