TITLE: In Silence, I hide my loudest screamscan_20150424-1
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #92 (2015)
INSTRUMENTATION: (a.fl., b.cl., tpt., tbn.,perc., vl. 1 & 2, vla., vlc)
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: China-Asean Youth Orchestra, conducted by Michael Edward Edgerton. Guangxi National Palace concert hall on 2015_06_06.


In Silence, I Hide my Loudest Scream, is electroacoustic music performed live by instruments; facilitated by close microphone placement. The idea is to present an expression of private, intimate whispers shared between lovers.

Ideally, the winds, brass and strings will use contact microphones inside the resonating cavity. The percussion might best use a single air microphone for the snare drum and claves, while a contact microphone may be used for the rough piece of wood that is bowed. The chimes should be removed at a distance from the rest of the ensemble and not directly amplified.

However, if it is not possible to use contact microphones, then air microphones may be used for all instruments. The point is to amplify and heighten the influence of the resonator on the outward radiating sound, before it dissipates in the surrounding environmental atmosphere.

The composite output should be balanced, with no spatialization effects. The overall dynamic level, or loudness, should be moderate – not too loud, nor too soft. The inputs should be quite sensitive to any small dynamic fluctuation, as all sounds are soft. This means the ideal setup will have some sort of monitoring system for each instrument within the larger composite.