TITLE: DRAFT 1/25/2002draft-score
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): 76 (2007)
INSTRUMENTATION: for solo voice and two speaking female voices
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Merdan Kadyrov solo; Poppy Brewer and Aden Eike, spoken voices_ The Voices of Voice_St. Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee, Scotland_July 07


NOTE: DRAFT 1/25/2002 is experimental music theater that is focused on the abuse of political power. Specifically this piece focuses on the justification for the inhumane treatment of prisoners in the Iraq war, authored by A.G. Alberto Gonzalez and given to POTUS George Bush II in the so-called “Torture Memo” of January 25, 2002.

torture memo
page one of Gonzalez Torture Memo

The text of Gonzalez is intoned by two women speaking portions of the text as slightly-odd news broadcasters of the mainstream media type, while the central focus of the piece is on a vocal soloist, who through the extensive use of extended (extra-normal) vocal techniques, portrays the sounds and emotions of captivity and torture.

layout and schematic
general layout