TITLE: Illusionsedgerton_illusions_a1-border
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #74 (2006)
INSTRUMENTATION: English horn, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, viola
Three separate processes formed Illusions. The first process stemmed from a paper titled “Demonstrations of Auditory Illusions” by Yoshitaka Nakajima, et al. that presented five classes of auditory illusions (gap transfer, split-off illusion, abstraction of musical melodies, the illusory continuity and time perception). In my composition each illusion was modified and transcribed to serve as prominent landmarks or centers, around which the other processes were coiled.

Second, I began to work through some extensions to evolutionary procedures in morphological spaces that was, in a way, a response to a paper by Marco Stroppa titled “Musical Information Organisms: an Approach to Composition”.

Third, not wanting to merely provide frosting on an already established organic entity in the form of slightly sophisticated acoustical behavior, I continued to develop my previous attempts to scale the multi-dimensional phase space. In this piece my approach was to simplify this 3rd dimensional behavior by mostly integrating the manipulation of a single (3rd dimensional) parameter – one at a time.

All three processes were developed and mapped independently, though crucially attempting to keep an eye and ear on the final and interrelated complex, much in the same spirit of the interplay between the vertical and horizontal in a baroque fugue.

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