#67. Kut

TITLE: Kut104527
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #67 (2002)
INSTRUMENTATION: Version 1, for female voice, sh’eng (or accordion/oboe), violin. Version 2, for female voice and electronics
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Rebekka Uhlig at the Musikhögskolan i Piteå (Sweden) on October 17, 2003
NOTE: KUT, for voice and electronics, is loosely based on a trance episode in Korean Shamanism. In KUT, the singer performs a ceremony of exorcism from within a state of trance. In this trance, called CHINOGWI, the singer guides the spirit of the dead to the otherworld. In the course of this journey, she becomes medium by which the deceased talks, cries and otherwise communicates with the dead person’s family.

The electronics contain the sounds of the ceremony, and the memories of the family.

Special thanks to Professor Gary Verkade of the Luleå University of Technology in Piteå for making this happen



1m07 to 4m30

5m22 to end