#63. Koli

TITLE: Koliedgerton_koli-title
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #63 (2001)
INSTRUMENTATION: string quartet and bass voice

Koli was written in 2001 during a residency in Koli National Park, sponsored by The Arts Council of North Karelia

In this composition, the singer is asked to sing the Finnish text “Hyvä käyä kalliolla lempeä lehoissa olla täällä karjalaa perillä, jumalaisen vuoren vierrä”

Translation: It is good to walk on a rock (meaning hill or mountain), sweet to be in the forest here in Karelia being next to a divine mountain

Note2: The strings are asked to play a mixture of higher natural harmonics and a sprinkling of artificial harmonics

The voice is asked to use normal voice – not any extra-normal or extended techniques