TITLE: Divergencedivergence-title-w-border
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #61 (2001)
INSTRUMENTATION: two voices and electronic playback
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Rebekka Uhlig & Juergen Neubauer during “Ursprung” (experimental music theater) in the Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauerberg during the Festival ‘Reservoir V’, 2001
RECORDINGS: by Angela Rademacher-Wingerath & Magdalena Schrad on June 14, 2005

lorenzweathNOTE: Divergence refers to a graphic of weather divergence in which miniscule irregularities in the initial conditions become responsible for potentially large changes. In this composition, the divergence is applied in two ways: 1) to sound production of the two live voices focused on nonlinear procedures, and; 2) through a realization of an actual weather simulation that was applied to electronic sounds. The work was realized at the TU-Berlin.

NOTE2: Review after a performance on 2015_11_21 by Argenta Walther & Stephanie Aston. The event titled “People Inside Electronics” presented the contemporary vocal chamber ensemble Accordant Commons in a concert at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena, California, “Divergence by Michael Edwards Edgerton followed and this was performed by Stephanie Aston and Argenta Walther. High, bird-like sounds mingled with a low rumbling from the electronics and this soon took on a more frighteningly aggressive character reminiscent of the distant howling of wolves. This increased in savagery as well as loudness, with scratching and baying that gradually morphed into a series of pure pitches that increased in frequency – like a spaceship taking off. These were the result of a weather simulation applied to electronic sounds, a process that allows, according to the program notes, “miniscule irregularities in the initial conditions [to] become responsible for potentially large changes over time.” Low, raspy moaning was added and this made a nice organic contrast with the sterile sine waves. Towards the end, the relatively benign tones in the electronics became a series of explosions, as if some battle was occurring. Divergence is an evocative metamorphosis in sound between earthly, natural elements and remote cerebral coolness.” (Review on Sequenza21)