TITLE: Cantor’s Dustedgerton_60_cantorsdust_2001-title-small
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #60 (2001)
INSTRUMENTATION: solo voice and electronic playback
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Rebekka Uhlig & Juergen Neubauer during “Ursprung” (experimental music theater) in the Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauerberg during the Festival ‘Reservoir V’, 2001

RECORDINGS: by Angela Rademacher-Wingerath on 14 june 2005

NOTE: Cantor’s Dust explores sustained ‘noise’ sonorities through a novel model of vocal tract articulation based on a mapping of place of articulation above the glottis. This piece asks the singer to produce inharmonic sounds at these points as stops, fricatives and approximants while singing ‘melodies’ notated as contours within a pitch:time axis. Then further, in order to integrate performative tension, the singer is asked to add consonants and vowels on a separate strata. Meanwhile, on yet another strata, the singer is asked to change the shape of the lips according to a notation identifying bilabial rounding, protrusion, lateral movement, etc.