TITLE: The elements of risk in creation:  a subatomists viewsofronios05
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #59 (2001)
INSTRUMENTATION: an electronic composition with optional voice
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Electronic playback only: “Ursprung” (experimental music theater) in the Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauerberg during the Festival ‘Reservoir V’, 2001
Electronic playback with voice: Mike Edgerton at Orgelpark in Amsterdam on 2016_05_11

electronic playback only:

voice with electronic playback (video):

NOTE: This piece was intended to be part of a larger theatrical performance, titled “Creation of the World”. Technically, the work uses a variety of sound processing and resynthesis methods to alter the sounds of creation, including: brain wave signals; heartbeats; the cooing, mutterings, and biphonic cries of infants and patients;  the cooing, mutterings and biphonic cries of our non-human relatives – silence, as well becomes important, as does the resonance presence of different environments.  The dynamic range is wide (hi-to-low amplitudes) and the processing serves as a metaphor that suggests the interconnectivity of our species and, ultimately, mutual dependence.

In Tibetan Buddhism, suffering and the struggle in life is recognized as a constant in this world – so too in this piece.