#5. Ai

TITLE: Aiedgerton_ai_cover_w-border
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #5 (1987)
INSTRUMENTATION: trumpet, trombone, tuba in f
PUBLICATION: published by Tuba-Euphonium Press
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Kim Walker, tpt; Curtis Olsen, tbn; Phil Sinder, tuba at Michigan State University in 1987
AWARD: 3rd prize in the 1987 National Federation of Music Clubs Competition Contest
NOTE: dedicated to Jeffery Jarvis. Features the F tuba as a prominent melodic member alongside the trumpet and trombone. The work is in three broad sections in which two slower outer sections, featuring the high melodic F tuba intertwined in a three-part counterpoint of high lyricism, frame a central fast inner section.  The piece is somewhat reminiscent of the American tradition of brass playing and writing.