TITLE: Schreistimmei1545-1569-39-3-285-f01
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #47 (1998)
INSTRUMENTATION: for bayan (classical Russian accordian)
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Stas Venglevski at Joyce Parker Productions in Milwaukee, WI, Sept. 11, 1999 and September 12, 1999 for the Face the Music Series at the Hot House in Chicago, IL.
NOTE: Schreistimme, was influenced by the examination of airflow characteristics, external sound production procedures and acoustic analyses of chaotic, bifurcated, multiphonic voice signals produced during infant screams.

Schreistimme, involves unusual performance techniques in an attempt to allow a biological diversity to influence expression.  The emphasis is not upon diversity of novel procedures, but rather the influence of perceptual gesture informed through an uncommon method of expressing one’s self.  The ‘cry’ is of normal, disordered and synthesized selves.  The means of technique is based upon spectral analyses that identify procedures and properties.  The ‘voice’ is of all time, without regret, ancient and modern.

Schreistimme, was developed using spectral analyses of disordered speech and spontaneous expressions by infants and adults.  Many of the events involved instances of biphonation, or the production of two, independant sources within one system.  These spectral analyses were then paired with traditional and extended performance techniques that represented the frequency, amplitude and gestural characteristics of the original source material.

An additional property of biphonation is the unpredictability of the event.  This unpredictability informed the course of events as the piece progresses by referencing an older music.  This reference attempts to promote its personality, but the frame demands an altered identity that avoids pandering, so that it posits a perspective unsuspected and fleeting.