TITLE: Azure Suiteedgerton_46_azuresuite_cpp_title-small
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #46 (1998)
INSTRUMENTATION: soprano voice and overtone singer
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Saturday, October 13th 2012. New York/Netherlands Exchange. Under the auspices of a NYFA/Stichting RIO New York/Netherlands composer exchange, Ekmeles performs a new work by Thanasis Deligiannis, a world premiere by Michael Edward Edgerton, and music by Eve Beglarian. Concert at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral at the intersection of Henry and Remsen Streets in Brooklyn Heights – temporary home of Issue Project Room. Personnel for concert: Mary Mackenzie, soprano; Rachel Calloway, mezzo soprano; Amirtha Kidambi, mezzo soprano; Jeffrey Gavett, baritone; Avery Griffin, baritone.
Performance details:
Time: 8:00pm
City: Brooklyn
Venue: Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral
Address: 113 Remsen Street
NYFA/Dutch Exchange: Premieres by Thanasis Deligiannis, Michael Edward Edgerton, and a work by Eve Beglarian. Entrance on Henry Street


NOTE: tuning and detuning are central features of this work – tuning, ln this context, refers to the degree of precision involved ln matching exactly the state of the other performer – detuning refers to a closely approximated match, left intentionally apart from the intended target – the effect of tuning is to couple the two sources with the greatest fidelity – the effect of detuning should cause a beating of harmonic frequency, or phasing of resonant frequency:
The states of tuning and detuning between the two performers will involve:
1) fundamental frequency to fundamental frequency,
2) fundamental frequency to reinforced harmonic,
3) resonant features of one system to the resonant features of the other system