TITLE: Agwara-Nanga-Wolofagwara2
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #44 (1998)
INSTRUMENTATION: for steel pans, African drums, brass and saxophone
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Western Illinois University New Music Ensemble on March 9, 1998 during Western Illinois University Annual New Music Festival ’98, in Brown Hall; directed by Dr. Richard Cheadle.
AWARD: Commission through the American Composers Forum ‘Composers Commissioning Project’
NOTE: The commission and residency were made possible through the generous support of the American Composers Forum ‘Composers Commissioning Project’, which was designed to present contemporary music to audiences with little exposure to the art of our time. This commission was specifically designed to bring contemporary music to the Macomb public school system, and was the first time in Macomb that a composer was in residence to present new works to young and underrepresented audiences.

agwaraNOTE2: multiculturalism and postmodernism in music influenced by three African traditions: Agwara, Nanga, Wolof. Not a source of pride to admit the use of such strategies, since this was always a conflict for me. However, these influences are not simple references, but rather templates against which experimental methods can be compared with the original.