TITLE: No!!!aerial-dance
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #33 (1996)
INSTRUMENTATION: two voices, rope climbers and drummers
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Gail Hoak, Sean Sheldrake & students of the San Jacinto dance and theater program; San Jacinto, California 1996
NOTE: an experimental music theater piece

20110211-125711An intense, searing experimental musical theater work for two voices, multiple percussionists and rope climbers.  No!!!  was a response to the dominant position of popular culture in higher education.  No!!! features the actions, images and mutterings of a noncritical populace put into an hyperactive, physical, experimental theatrical environment.  A Bowie knife appears near the end that, in the hand of the principal actress/dancer/singer, proceeds to destroy a beautiful Chinese calligraphy – “negation”.  Although not intended, the performances struck the collective funny bone of the audience who added to the nonlinear nature of the drama.