TITLE: The Hidden Thunder of Screaming Soulsedgerton_hiddenthunder_01title01-33p-w-border
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #12 (1989)
INSTRUMENTATION: for voice and viola
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Patty Repar, voice and Claudia Watson, viola; April 1, 1990; Channing-Murray Foundation in Champaign, Illinois

Thunder… was influenced by study of the psychological processes that define neuroses of political prisoners and the writings of Antonin Artaud.  In that spirit, this piece offers an opportunity to look deep into the recesses of our shared histories, to excavate our memories and come face-to-face with our fears and pains.  By facing our innermost horrifying experiences, naked can we only then experience the rare, visceral experience.

Both performers assume many musical pesonalities, using expanded performance techniques to achieve the psychological states suggested by private letters of differing tortured souls.  The gestural cellular makeup, unique to either performer, shift slowly over time and are organized according to a cellular matrix.



Tuesday, February 24, 1948

Antonin Artaud by Manray

The criticisms of M. and A.A. are unjust
but they must have been based on some
weakness in the transitions,
this is why I am through with radio,
and from now on will devote myself

to the theater
as I conceive it,

a theater of blood,
a theater which with each
performance will have done something
bodily to the one who performs as well as to the one who comes to see others perform, but actually the actors are

not performing, they are doing.
The theater is in reality the genesis of creation.

This will happen.
I had a vision this afternoon –
I saw those who are going to follow
me and who are still not completely embodied
because pigs like those at the restaurant last night

eat too much.

There are some
who eat too much and others like me who can no

longer eat

without spitting.
Antonin Artaud