TITLE: in Americalptrailoftears
CAT# (YEAR COMPOSED): #10 (1989)
INSTRUMENTATION: for electronic playback
PUBLICATION: published recording on ELECTRONIC VOICES, Galerie SPHN, Berlin
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: electronic composition concert at the University of Illinois in 1990

NOTE: in America is one of a series of electronic compositions concerned with the relationships between aboriginal inhabitants of North America and the U.S. Federal Government. In particular, this composition is structured around an analysis of the common 19th century belief of the European settlers that their right to divide and conquer the unsettled west was a gift from the divine and thus often referred to as their manifest lpbarsgreyscaledestiny. The voice uses ingressive phonation, reinforced harmonic production and various sorts of double source production including subharmonics. The speaking voice is from a speech by Vine Deloria, the singing voice is of Mike Edgerton. The work was realized in Studio A at the University of Illinois.

For Leonard Peltier.